Registration Fees & Payment 2023

Dear Participants,

Information about conference and accommodation fees is presented below (The early registration period is expired).

Registration Fees :

Presentation Type Conference Fee  Conference Fee For Students
  Early Late Early Late
Face-to-Face 1100₺ 1400₺ 800₺ 1000₺
Virtual / Video 600₺ 800₺ 500₺ 700₺
Audience (on site) 800₺ 1000₺ 600₺ 800₺


  • One author registration can cover a maximum of 2 papers. Additional papers will cost 300₺ each.
  • Other authors in multi-authored papers must register as an Audience in order to benefit the facilities of the conference.
  • Students must provide proof of student status. The student ID should be sent to the conference e-mail address (
  • For other requests, please contact via

* Accommodation Fees : (per night)  

Room Type Single Room  Double Room (per person)
Standart 1500₺ 1250₺

* Covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks.

1. We kindly ask our participants who want to make accommodation not to pay without filling out the “Conference Hotel Room Request Form” below.
2. Hotel bookings are ONLY made by the conference team. Please DO NOT contact the hotel. 

3. According to Terms & Conditions for Hotel Accommodation, children up to the age of 6 can stay free of charge. However, lunch and dinner fees will be charged. 
4. If you have special needs (e.g. families with children etc.), please contact us.
5. Since the conference dates coincide with the summer holiday season, we kindly ask the participants who plan to stay at the hotel to make their hotel reservations early.

Conference Hotel Room Request Form

External Participation Fee: 200₺ for each day (Addition to registration fee). If these participants want to have lunch and dinner at the hotel, they will also pay 150₺ per meal.
(for the participants who do not stay at the conference hotel must pay this fee, covers daily hotel lounge usage fee)
Gala Night Fee:  350₺
(for the participants who do not stay at the conference hotel will be charged an extra fee for the Gala Night including special dinner, live music, etc.)

Registration Fee Includes Face-to-Face Presentation Virtual Presentation Audience
♦ Participation in all scientific activities
♦ Welcome reception  
♦ Opportunity to publish full paper in proceeding book or sponsored journals  
♦ Conference Bag  
♦ Participant ID Card  
♦ Online Abstract Book
♦ Online Proceedings Book
♦ Pen, Notebook  
♦ Printed/Digital Certificate of Attendance
♦ Printed/Digital Conference Program
♦ Tea, coffee, cookie, and beverage service during congress period  


Please pay the registration fee and accommodation fee separately by wire transfer or by credit card.

Wire Transfer:

Bank : T.C. Ziraat Bankası
IBAN : TR 8700 0100 0934 5147 9717 5008

Account Name : Veysel Jiyan TEKALP
Company Name : EYTA – Yüksek Teknoloji Ajansı


IMPORTANT: For questions about the accommodation fee, you can contact us over WhatsApp Support Line. For the registration fee, please write “ICETOL2023, Name Surname” as the explanation. For the accommodation fee, please write “ICETOL2023-Hotel, Name Surname” as the explanation. It is important that you send the bank receipts (registration and accommodation) to

Credit Card:

Please use the following links to pay with a credit card.  When paying the registration fee, please write the id(s) of paper(s) that the fee covers. Please contact us before paying for the hotel over WhatsApp Support Line.

Registration Fees

Hotel Fees